Monolith – The Long Awaited (1998)

Monolith - The Long Awaited

RR: Produced and arranged by ESP. Who is ESP? He is not credited, at least on discogs, as a member of Monolith.

Dan-e-o: ESP stood for East Sidewalk Products. It was the production team that consisted of Irs (Korry Deez & Black Cat) and Lancecape. If you’ve seen the liner notes for my solo albums, you’ll see some of the production credits read their individual names followed by “for Eastsidewalk Products” or “for Esp”. (They actually preferred the lower case spelling for both the group name and production team.)

For the record, “Plan Eh”, “I Of The Beholder” and “At The T.O.P.” were produced by Black Cat.

“Danish” and “Bye D’Plenty” were produced by Korry Deez.

And “Bloody Murder” was produced by Lancecape.

RR: The image that circulates online for the tape shows the tape advertised as an “Advanced Copy”, was this the only version that ever got released? Why not establish it further upon release?

Dan-e-o: Duro3 designed the cover and placed “Advanced Copy” on it assuming we would be printing more copies, possibly on CD as well. We didn’t print any CDs until the 10 year anniversary edition in 2008.

RR: Being such a large group, what was the conversation like in terms of who gets to appear on what? 

Dan-e-o: That wasn’t easy. In some cases, some verses written for tracks got omitted. In fact, Monolith was originally a much bigger group than the 12 that officially made the project. We ended up recording three tracks (Plan Eh, Bye D’Plenty and At The T.O.P.) as a crew and had almost everyone spit on two of them. We then added three joints (I Of The Beholder by Irs, Danish by me and Nish and Bloody Murder by Grimace Love) to round out the EP.

RR: Do you have any stories behind recording the tape, and the following promotional period of it? 

Dan-e-o: Way too many stories! All I can say is that it wasn’t easy working within a kitchen with so many chefs. But I’d like to think we made something that left an indelible mark in our nation’s hip hop history.


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