Hip Club Groove – Trailer Park Hip Hop (1994)


RR: The album cover. Trailer Park 34. Where was that shot?

Derek MacKenzie (M88Kenzie): That was Cory Bowles ( Check Love ) house. The Bible Hill Estates in Bible Hill Nova Scotia. Photo was taken by Catherine Stockhausen. Her and Chris Murphy of Sloan came to Truro to take some photos of us because we got signed to Sloan’s label Murderecords. We were still in High School and that was pretty big deal to us. Weird twist of fate with Cory’s old hood is that he returned decades later to direct episodes of the Trailer Park Boys in the same trailer park he grew up in. That’s kind of bad ass if you ask me.

RR: How much of the content on Trailer Park Hip-Hop was recycled from demo tapes such as The Art Tapes in 1992?

Derek MacKenzie (M88Kenzie): Hmmm, thats a good question and since it was such a long time ago I am not sure but I don’t think there was much overlap. We had all the songs written and we had preformed them a lot at house parties and school events before we had the chance to record those songs. We ended up recording the Trailer Park Hip Hop record in two weekends at a studio called Adinsound in Halifax.

RR: Can we talk about Stinkin’ Rich’s involvement on Jizz? This was really the first of his quote on quote “Uncle Climax” tracks. Picking him for THAT song, was that the type of rhymes he was kickin’ around that time? Did you know he would fit the part so to speak?

Derek MacKenzie (M88Kenzie): Haha, I think Rich thought the whole idea of the song was hilarious and he had no problem getting on Jizz. Don’t get it twisted, “uncle climax”  was not just a fictional character. He was alive and well inside of Rich. He could get durty with his rhymes. He quite possibly influenced us to write that song. Who knows. We were all super close friends and supported each others projects. I still to this day love his verse on that track. I was talking about this the other day with some people who were at our shows back then. We would be playing all ages gigs and shooting “jizz” out of shaving cream bottles all over underage crowds……. Just happy cell phones were not around back then.

RR: Do you have any stories relating to the release of the album? Or promoting it shortly after its release? I imagine touring with Sloan and Len would have granted you many of these.

Derek MacKenzie (M88Kenzie): Honestly, this is too big of a question to answer. What story would you like to hear? There are so many epic insane nights. Lets just say that people would pay money to come and see what would happen at our shows. We were known to get a little “loose”.  Len used to open up for us back then. Haha, There was a night in Edmonton with Len. The show was cancelled because of a stabbing at the venue the night before so the night ended up with Big Bear malt liquor, LSD, hells angles and a pyromaniac. Just another night for Hip Club Groove back then.

That was such a fun time. Everything was new. Every town, every venue, every band we had the pleasure to play with. Honestly, even after everything that happened after those years, I look back at these years with the biggest smile on my face. We were young and naive and that made it fucking perfect.


One thought on “Hip Club Groove – Trailer Park Hip Hop (1994)

  1. I hung around the Sask-Manitoba Hip Hop scene and would often be present at Trunk of Funk and later 3rd verse radio shows at CFCR. My favourite 3rd verse show was one where I wasn’t present. There was very little music being played it was probably around 2008 or 2009. Chaps, Noyz319, Weazel, Skratch Bastid and others were just sharing stories. I think I was driving around running late night errands getting ready to go to BC and plant trees for the summer. Scratch Bastid told a story about going to a family fun day in the park and seeing these guys perform “Jizz”. He was 12 years old and with his parents and said it was pretty weird. Also, this work you are doing is AWESOME.


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