Concrete Mob – Boiling Point / Sleepless Nights (1996)


RR: This being released on Groove-a-Lot, which appears to be Ghetto Concept’s label, what involvement did Ghetto Concept have in putting this together?

Deuce Deuce: None

RR: One interesting thing while reading over the label, was that Scam produced this for the Time Bandit Music imprint, why not go through there to release the 12″?

Deuce Deuce: Groove-a-Lot had more distribution opportunities…

RR: Casino is such a dope cut, why make that a B-Side exclusive? When this dropped was there much demand for a clean edit?

Deuce Deuce: It just happened that way… We didn’t really put much thought in the order of the songs. We just wanted Boiling point as the first joint on the 12 inch.

RR: What made you take so long to follow the release up? This was released in 1996, and Concrete Mob hadn’t dropped anything further till the early 2000’s. Why?

Deuce Deuce: We were caught up in the streets… We were seeing no real money from music.. I had multiple warrants at the time.. Blackjack was doing his thing making money other ways as well…. We kept making music after that 12 inch, But Groove-a-Lot was shady. Real shady. So we had no ways of getting the music out to the masses…

RR: Do you have any stories relating to the recording process of the record? Or the immediate promotional period following it?

Deuce Deuce: I wrote sleepless nights locked up… It was the first joint we eva dropped together.. Boiling Point came second.  Casino 3rd… We had no process. We would hook up by DJ Scam’s and literally just spit for hours. Daily. I was sick a hearing all the wack shit coming out the city. Blackjack felt the same.  One Sat morning I woke up and said fuck it and went up to CKLN 88.1 The Power Move show demo battle. Submitted it, and the rest is history.


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