DJ Moves – Hiss (1995)


RR: DJ tapes were not exactly common place back then. I’m not sure of other producer albums that existed from this era. Were their models that you based it off of? What made you do this to begin with?

Moves: At that time CDs were more expensive to press than cassettes. So cassettes it was haha. Everyone was making tapes and I was still working with HCG. But I also had a treasure trove of beats backed up cause we were on the road soo much there wasn’t too much time to make new songs. So I asked friends to rap on beats and make my own album.

RR: How did you go about getting this on Ant? Did they press it up commercially to any degree? Was there shrink wrap? How many copies did they press?

Moves: Ant Records was friends of mine based out of Truro. Jay Lapointe and Dr Jon Hutt. They released some Sixtoo tapes and they wanted to release something from me. They made 100 copies I think. No shrink.

RR: Who is Bullshit Boo? He appears on the song ‘Minglin’ Out’.

Moves: Bullshit Boo was a character made from a guy in Truro we knew, who acted like he was someone big but we all knew he was just a liar. Cheklove Shakil was the rapper.

RR: You’ve successfully made this into a series as of now. (Congratulations btw on Vol. 3 being released!) Question is, did you have any intention on this being made into a series during the original conception?

Moves: No intent to make it a series at all. Lol.

RR: Do you have any stories regarding the recording of the project?

Moves: This project was recorded at Gordski’s apt in south end Halifax. On a cassette four track. Lots of fun times were had in the making of this tape. I recorded the Tour de Trance with Buck 65 at his place and seen the pic on the wall that I used for the Cock Dynamiks compilation I made. The idea came from that day and that pic Rich had. Lol.


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